Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Happy birthday. Did I tell you I finally saw Come play live? on some kind of reunion tour, narrowly missing the flooding in Central Europe, staying just ahead of the flooding in the Czech Republic, they arrived in Berlin in June of last year and played Festsaal Kreuzberg. OF was with me, and his partner J, and some new German friends, VS and FR. Come threw themselves into all the songs from eleven:eleven and then some. I'd waited twenty years to hear Thalia Zedek singing "I'm in orbit, baby, and I can't come down." And you and me were driving midnight on the P.C.H. again. It was glorious. I smoked some cigarettes with the bass player after the show. A pack is twenty new friends, remember? During the show Thalia Zedek said that it was great to be back in Berlin: "so many old friends...brought together by is how I made friends at least." A few weeks later, Festsaal Kreuzberg caught on fire. I miss you.