Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The following first appeared on Facebook, October 14, 2011.

when, after our midday nap, rjky and i are sitting on our respective potties, facing one another with a basket of magazines between us, rjky always insists on taking Der Spiegel and The Economist for herself, as she pushes Elle été and old issues of Brigitte into my hands...

The following first appeared on Facebook, February 18, 2012.

rjky has added the word "tower" to her vocabulary -- usually in reference to the massive spires that have become her stock in trade when we're playing legos. so i'm teaching her the chorus...a perfect song from a perfect album (an album, what's more, that often dominated my late night, high school joy rides of alienation and boredom): indeed,

"radio waves curve and cross / I stand below them / lost // 
above me is a black obelisk / and the dangers that I risk // here gather the ghosts of the mind / that tear my heart and here I find / all the traps that have been set / everything I would forget beneath / The Tower The Tower The Tower The Tower The Tower The Tower The Tower The Tower"

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  1. ‎"But they claimed to have had some feedback saying that the 'normal women' in the photo shoots were distracting – and even made readers feel worse about themselves than models, because they seemed so flawless, but were nonetheless not models" (