Thursday, August 23, 2012

California stop

A word of advice for the Berliner Polizei set up in the Graefe-Kiez today:

Instead of pulling over the guy slowly cycling through a right-hand turn -- OK, yes, the light was red -- at one or two miles per hour, in a quiet and pretty empty neighborhood street, you might want to focus your attention on the busy intersection just up the way, and the packs of reckless young people blowing through it on their fake track bikes, no matter what the signal says.

PS: Also, why does it take four of you to write up a single traffic citation?

PPS: I know I said I was sorry, but I'm not.

PPPS: No, contrary to what you said, what I did was not "sehr gefährlich."


  1. auch: does anyone know a) whether such a citation can be fought? and/or b) whether right-on-red is ever permitted in berlin and under what circumstances?

  2. 123,50 Euros later:

    so i decided not to appeal -- in writing within two weeks -- no, that seemed like the start of a lot of trouble. more or less trouble?

    "alright, faggot, we're calling THE POLICE"