Friday, November 9, 2012


In honor of a newborn niece, I am freeing up some fragments that concern my own baby (my own baby and ears, apparently, both the things and what you do with them), i.e. liberating them from FB and bringing them over here:

The following first appeared on Facebook...

...January 3, 2010

listening with r to h. dreyfus lecture about the slyness of das man in heidegger; newborns love distantiality.

...January 12, 2010

what would the effect be of a balding man attempting a mohawk? r is vigorously experimenting with that look; we'll know the answer soon.

...February 25, 2010

r still has some things to learn. she prefers the later eponymous television album to "marquee moon." i'm sure it's just a phase

...March 6, 2010

babies enjoy heavy metal: r has consistently grinned whilst air drumming (with some help) the new high on fire album, particularly "bastard samurai"

...September 20, 2010

babby has expressed two preferences unambiguously: fresh, local apples and gui boratto's latest album

...October 25, 2010

i used to think that the necronomitron song "unscheduled sunrise"...was about nuclear annihilation, have come to learn that it aptly describes life with an infant learning to walk

...November 11, 2010

i've been trying to teach rjky, since the time when she was very small, not to rip open my ears by yanking on my earrings. i would help her when she grabbed for them and say, "gentle, gentle," demonstrating how you could fiddle with them nicely. now, whenever i say, "gentle" – no matter what the context – she jerks around and peers at the side of my head.

...December 6, 2010

rjky is now capable of quickly locating, opening, and tossing something into the toilet...

...June 7, 2011

ever talked on a polentaphone? rjky can show you how: you take a fried medallion of polenta and sort of crush it against your ear. hello?

...June 16, 2011.

the toddler who eats only bacon and raw fennel, washed down with a swig of lemon-flavored cod liver oil

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