Wednesday, March 28, 2012

annual blog post

This post first appeared on cranky dilettante, March 4th, 2010.

my messenger bag — made in good ol’spokane, wa, in about ’90 or ’91 and guaranteed for life, though the manufacturer has been out of business for years — my messenger bag — the one that has served me daily through college, grad school, long beach, seattle, hijinks, tomfoolery, work days, lost days, fat days, thin days, days in cairo, beijing, yangon, deep winter commutes in cambridge — my messenger bag — the nylon of which is now so thin you can see through it — my messenger bag needs to be retired. won’t you recommend its replacement? i’m looking for a hand-made-in-usa, over-the-shoulder courier bag to join me for the next 20 years...


  1. i hemmed, i hawed, i queried friends, i interrogated enemies, i emailed designers and craftspeople, i made lists. in the end, i decided that i wanted something manufactured locally, and i wanted something off the shelf...the blue sky of custom options was paralyzing me. yeah, i think it took me about two months to make up my mind:
    i bought a bailey works digital super pro.
    i think it's a size medium. it's big enough, anyway, that when i manage to fill it all the way up -- at the turkish market on maybachufer, e.g. -- i can barely support the weight.