Saturday, November 29, 2014

2 + 1 dreams

Journal. June 26, 2013, 5:33pm. Daydreaming on the sofa, I recollect two dreams from the previous night.

Downstairs hallway with lockers. PK is going to work. Some bird somehow through the crack of a barely open window takes the biggest bird shit of all time on my jacket, which I promptly put in the washer there. It is also an Asian restaurant? I think BL is there.

Walking slowly up a path or street, from the ferry or somewhere downtown, which is crowded with movie film crew personnel, as though they are queued to enter the house. To people who challenge me and my reason for being there, I explain that I am a friend of the director. The street/approach is your current one. I lounge under an umbrella drinking some kind of tropical kind of thing, as though suddenly the end of my walk, directly outside your house, is in Aruba or something. You [ZS] greet me, we chat briefly, and then, knowing you are very busy, I say something to the effect of "Go in there and boss those people around; you're so divine at it."

"The content of all dreams that occur during the same night forms part of the same whole; the fact of their being divided into several sections, as well as the grouping and number of those sections—all of this has a meaning and may be regarded as a piece of information arising from the latent dream-thoughts" (Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams).

And then a few nights later I had a dream in which I related both of these dreams to both of these people. And then PK wrote to me. And then ZS called me and asked me, and I said the two dominant moods of the dream were inside knowledge and regret at not spending more time together. And then ZS said, "What if the dream-me were some aspect of yourself, what would that mean?" And I explained it could mean that I have to get off my ass and do some work now, or it could mean that I need to think about whether or not I should ever play a leadership role in something.

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